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41 Tables.

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Chris's Billiards, 41 Tables.

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Contact, location, and hours can be found here.

Color of Money

In 1986, director Martin Scorsese filmed key scenes of his movie "The Color of Money" here.

Clean Play Pool

Enjoy clean play pool at Chris's Billiards.

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41 Tables, come on in & play!
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Free Parking

There is a free parking lot one block south next to the fire station, on the North East side of the street at Milwaukee Ave. & Wilson.

Pool Tables

Chris's Billiards has ten 7 foot pool tables, and twenty nine 9 foot pool tables, & one twelve foot snooker table.


Chris's Billiards is located in Jefferson Park area on 4639 N. Milwaukee, Chicago IL 60630


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At Chris's Billiards it's not what's New, it's whats not new that's great.  Walk back in time of great pool halls, championship tournaments being played, fan seating, and a fun atmosphere!


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If you are a beginner or a tournament level player, you will have a great time at Chris's Billiards.


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Come in and play our Video Poker games with a Top Prize of $5000  Must be 21 or older.

Welcome to Chris's Billiards

Welcome to Chris's Billiards located at 4639 N Milwaukee Ave (between Laramie Ave & Leland Ave) Chicago, IL 60630. Made famous by the 1986 film The Color of Money. Chris’s Billiards has more than 41 full-sized billiard tables that are perfect for those wanting to play a game of pool or practice their craft alone.



Fox Chicago reported on 30 years since Color of Money was filmed.


By: Jake Hamilton Posted:Nov 06 2015 09:04AM CST

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - It’s been nearly 30 years since legendary director Martin Scorsese used our area as a blank canvas for his pool hall fable “The Color of Money."

From Fitzgerald's in Berwyn to Navy Pier, Chicagoland was just as much a star in the film as Paul Newman and Tom Cruise were.

But if you’re looking to travel back in time, one shooting location has maintained that magic that Scorsese saw three decades ago: Chris’ Billiards.

For Bruce Perry, who was on set for Scorsese’s sequel to “The Hustler,” there’s no question as to why the director would have chosen Chris' Billiards in Portage Park for a crucial scene in the film.

It’s real.

While the film was originally set to be shot in Canada, most of the tables there were snooker tables, not pool tables. So production manager Dodie Foster, who was from Chicago, was able to bring Scorsese to our city and point him in the right direction.

Using practical locations like Chris' Billiards, rather than building sets, helped Scorsese’s production come in both ahead of schedule and under budget.

But lifelong patron Arthur Dimanno, who also got to be on set during filming, has a unique perspective on his memories because he was also on the New York set of the film’s 1961 predecessor, “The Hustler.”

Chris’ Billiards is littered with memories of the film’s production, but their faded colors stand as a reminder that life goes on. It may not look like much upon first glance, but it’s the home of Hollywood history.

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